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"Prevention is always better than cure. By investing in your horse's current, and future, health you are investing in  longevity, happiness and peace of mind - for you both."







I have moved back to my home country, South Africa, and am no longer practicing in Germany. I am leaving my website active for anyone who would like to read the information provided.

I am currently settling myself, my husband, my dog and my horses in South Africa and am not actively practicing.

Thank you to all my clients, and their wonderful horses, in Germany!


First Session (Duration: +/- 2 hours)

120 € incl. VAT

The first session will, according to your horses needs, consist of all or a selection of the following:

  • Recording of all relevant data (this can be done before via e-mail)
  • Detailed enquiry of horses history
  • Detailed enquiry of current problem
  • Visual Inspection and analysis of the horses movement
  • Visual Inspection of the horse standing
  • Palpation of body with reflex tests
  • Equine Touch session
  • Discussion of impacting Equine Elements
  • Homeopathic support
  • End of session consolidation and discussion with owner

Follow-up Sessions (Duration: +/-60 minutes)

80 € incl. VAT

The follow-up sessions can include the following:

  • Detailed discussion with owner
  • Evaluation of horses progress (visually and through palpation)
  • Equine Touch Session
  • Mobilisation and Stretching
  • Follow up of Homeopathy and/or Equine Elements plan
  • End of session consolidation and discussion with owner

Travelling Costs

Within 10 kilometres of Adelheidsdorf (Hannover area), the travelling costs are included in the abovementioned prices. Any travel above 10 kilometres I charge 0,40 cents per kilometre.

If there are many horses in one area I try to schedule them together in order to reduce the travel costs.  The total travel costs will then be divided between the number of horse owners.

I live in the Hannover area of Germany, however, as I am one of the only Equine Touch Practitioners in the country I am more than happy to travel in order to introduce you to this new bodywork module.  Every 3 - 4 months I travel to Stuttgart area to work with my clients in this area. Please contact me directly.

Special Note

Please note that I am well aware of the huge costs associated with keeping horses. I am more than happy to adjust my treatment plan to fit within your financial limitations - please just talk to me directly.