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The Equine Touch™ Story  

'The gift to the horse'

As Jock (John) Ruddock, the pioneer and founder of ET, tells it, Equine Touch evolved to where it is now in the equine world simply because it works.

In 1996 he began to develop and practice a holistic body address which worked on the principle of vibrating the soft tissue of the human by performing an Aikido based move over specific points on the body.

The results of this technique, which he later called the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT) were astounding and shortly after he began to teach it to body-workers.  The inevitable question was asked ' Will this work on Horses?' 

One year later he was working on the European Steeplechase Champion, Cipisek, and three months after that was teaching his no name 'Equine Bodywork' to interested vets from all over Europe.


Jock with Cipisek

The results for this first wave of vets was so successful that a few months later he was invited back by the Czech Veterinary University to teach an advanced clinic as well as teach another foundation class to even more vets who were queueing up from all over to learn this amazing non-invasive system.

On this second clinic he met a young vet, a lecturer in anatomy at the University and a respected researcher of the equine, Ivana.  A few months later Ivana was to leave Czech, marry Jock in Hawaii and join him in his teaching travels around the world.

Their aim - 'Helping Horses by Educating Humans' – takes the form of what is now known as The Equine Touch™.


Jock and Ivana Ruddock  

MVDr. Ivana Ruddock is a qualified veterinary surgeon and former university lecturer in anatomy and physiology. She is also a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA). As the Director of Education, Ivana brings with her, to the Equine Touch, an eclectic wealth of training and knowledge from the orthodox veterinary world.

Her dedication to giving Jock's intuitive work, fact and form is what makes ET stand out among its peers, creating a standard where it became the first and only complementary equine healing modality to be officially recognized by the Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICM) and the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) (when they originally recognized animal modalities), and was the first to be given national educational accreditation and recognition in the United Kingdom.

Ivana's teaching style is in direct contrast, and yet complementary, to Jocks' - making them as Debranne Pattilo, the president of Equinology stated „The most unique teaching team in the Equine World." Jock the intuitive showman body worker and Ivana the researcher backing up his intuition with unending research. Her wholehearted commitment to improving the standard of life of the horse has earned her respect not only as a practitioner and instructor but as a guide to all horse lovers wishing to provide a better quality of life for their horses.

Over the past 10 years Jock and Ivana, as the founders, have taught Equine Touch and the human version, VHT, in over 20 countries around the globe.

After ten years, what started off as a small simple system of bodywork taught to vets, the Equine Touch has developed and evolved to where it now has over 5000 students at different levels worldwide. 

The technique itself has been praised by some of the top natural horsemen and women in the world including, Ray Hunt, Monty Roberts, Kelly Marks, Peggy Cummings, Pat and Linda Parelli, David Stuart and Bergy Bergeleen as well as respected equine vets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Note that no information given on this website should be considered a substitute for consulting your veterinarian or relevant professional.