Holistic Horses, Wendy Schaefer


"Be kinder than necessary - everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly..."










I have moved back to my home country, South Africa, and am no longer practicing in Germany. I am leaving my website active for anyone who would like to read the information provided.

I am currently settling myself, my husband, my dog and my horses in South Africa and am not actively practicing.

Thank you to all my clients, and their wonderful horses, in Germany!



I am a South African, born in 1972, currently living with my German husband in South Africa.  I was fortunate to grow up on a large farm in Africa surrounded by horses.  The first time I rode a horse I was 3 years old, but I have loved them since I was born. My memories of my youth are firmly rooted in the memories of the horses I had the privilege to know and love.  In my opinion I have learnt more about life from horses than I have from anything else. For as long as I can remember I wanted to help animals, horses in particular.

I spent my school years in South Africa after which I did a one year practical on a thoroughbred horse breeding farm near Cape Town. I worked with the breeding mares, foals, yearlings and stud stallions during this time.  I attained invaluable experience relating to all elements of breeding, foaling and dealing with young horses.

The large spaces we have in Africa allowed the horses to be kept in a herd environment.  I was able to experience, first hand, the complex herd politics and understand why a horse might develop behaviour, or health problems, (or both) when not kept in an environment that is aware of their herd mentality.  During this time I was also able to see what a horse looks like when kept in this herd environment, with very little stress from the outside.  Although this was definitely not a totally wild environment it was as close as we can get in our modern domesticated situation with horses.  None of these horses where ridden or shod.  I have never forgotten what this horse looks like, physically and emotionally, and I use this information as a benchmark towards which I work.

I then went to University where I studied Psychology and Economics resulting in a Bachelor of Social Science Degree.  This resulted in me working for Mercedes Benz in the Human Resourses Department, which lead me to meet my husband.  During all of this time I continued to ride and compete in local dressage and showing competitions.


With my Spanish Prince, Islero

In 2002, in order to follow his career, my husband and I had to move to Malaysia, in South East Asia.  As I was not allowed to work (due to visa laws) I dedicated my time (3 years) to improving my dressage riding.  I was fortunate to have a wonderful Swedish trainer who assisted me, and my young horse Meddie, to compete in the South East Asia competitions on a high level.  It was during this time that I fully appreciated the level of stress a horse (and rider!) has to deal with in an international competitive environment.  This understanding and experience gives me a huge advantage when dealing with competition horses in my practice.

During this time I successfully studied and passed the Equestrian Federation of Australia accredited Senior Horse Management Module.  This was the start of the process of me ‘re-educating’ myself to follow my childhood dream of helping horses.

I have now been living in Germany for 8 years and during this time I have studied to be an Alternative Medicines Animal Practitioner and a Classical Homeopath for Animals.  In England and Ireland I have studied and qualified to become an Equine Touch Practitioner.


With Jock & Ivana, the Equine Touch Founders

The culmination of my years of experience with horses, and my subsequent education, has led to me starting Holistic Horses.

This endeavour is dedicated to create awareness of, and work towards, an environment for horses that is supportive of their health and happiness within our current modern restrictions. In this spirit I continue to further my education and research in order to provide my clients with the best possible service.

I see it as an honour, and a privilege, to be able to work with these beautiful, gentle animals. I treat every horse I work with as I would my own: with gentleness, kindness, patience and, above all, understanding.